Video Game Audio Designer

Tiago Rodrigues

I create tailor-made, dynamic music that brings energy and excitement to your game.
Heavily influenced by instrumental metal, dazzling orchestral arrangements, and elegant jazz pieces,
I strive to craft and elevate gaming experiences that create long-lasting emotional connections with players.
Based in Berlin, I've worked on titles like RUSHAWAY,
The Tartarus Key, and Whisker Squadron.
Currently working on the newly announced metroidvania Constance.

Original soundtrack

Original Soundtrack Composition

I specialize in creating original music for video games that enhances the player's experience and supports the story and gameplay. I will work with you to create a fully original soundtrack that captures the mood and tone of your game.

Games & Media

Sound Design

Perfectly aligned with your game's narrative, aesthetics, and gameplay mechanics, I will create sounds that will heighten the player's experience.

Game Audio


Utilizing middleware solutions such as FMOD or Wwise, as well as direct integration within your game engine, I will seamlessly integrate immersive sound experiences into your games. From dynamic music systems to interactive sound effects, I ensure that the audio enhances gameplay and captivates players.

Demo Reel

let’s create amazing things together!

Get in Touch

If you would like to contact me about your project or have an inquiry of any kind, feel free to use this contact form and I will get back to you in the next 48 hours.

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